The workshop will be in English and focusses on EF Class and the underlying principles that this digital learning tool is founded on. Given the time limitation, we will try to give you as many concrete and practical tips and inspiration as possible!

What to bring: Please bring a laptop (Chrome browser installed) or iPad (EF Class app downloaded) to the workshop. It will be a hands-on, interactive session.

What to do before: In order for you to be able to follow the workshop, make sure to sign up for a teacher account before the workshop, if you don’t already have one. Go here to sign up for your free teacher account:

Referent: Jan Ertmann | | EF Class

Themengebiet: Medienbildung und Inklusion, Medienbildung im Fachunterricht, Mobiles Lernen, Aktive Medienarbeit

Empfohlene Unterrichtserfahrung auf dem Gebiet des Workshops:
keine Erfahrung im Unterricht, mit geringer Unterrichtserfahrung, regelmäßiger Einsatz, Experte

Dauer:      90 Minuten

Zeit:          14.30 – 16:00 Uhr